Hand To Hand Combat Weapons You Can Use On The Streets

There's a common misconception that hand to hand combat is synonymous to unarmed combat  This is not necessarily true  H2H combat is efficient and effective use of your hands, with our without weapons.

Knowing how to defend yourself with weapons is very important because it's almost a sure thing that your assailant will have a weapon of his own  There are no rules in street fighting  The one with the advantage usually wins.

This is the reason why you should know the hand to hand combat weapons that are readily available  These are things that are usually on your person or if not, you can easily find it on the streets.

1. Keys

Most people have keys on their person  It doesn't matter if they're house or car keys  As long as it protrudes from your fingers when you clutch it, you can use it as a stabbing weapon.

2. Umbrella

There are basically two types of umbrellas “ a straight and a foldable umbrella  Check out this video to know how to use them as weapons:

I agree with the use of the foldable umbrella as it can really be as effective as a baton  On the other hand, I believe that a straight umbrella would be more effective with thrusts rather than slashes  Most umbrellas won't hurt your attacker that much if you use them to whack at him  I also disagree about opening the umbrella as it negates the thrusting power of the umbrella  It can also distract you in the process.

3. Sticks, stones or whatever you can get your hands on

This is your last resort  Grab anything that you can use  A stick would be very effective and you're going to use it depending on the size  A short and blunt stick is perfect as a baton while a long one is perfect for whacks and thrusts.

On the other hand, use the stones as projectile weapons  You can easily disorient and even harm your attacker with a few stones thrown his way  This will give you the chance to flee.

Knowledge on how to use these practical hand to hand combat weapons can easily save your life  Arm yourself with this knowledge today and gain an advantage over future assailants.

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