How to Street Fight the Smart Way

People should know how to street fight  It's that simple  No, you're not going to use it to go look for fights  You're going to use the knowledge to know how to defend yourself when someone decides to pick on you.

There are two ways to street fight “ the smart and dumb way  Let's take a look at this video  I'm sure Kimbo Slice doesn't need any introductions.

The first thing that you need to know is there are bigger guys than Kimbo out there on the street  Big Bird was only slightly smaller but the size difference will always be a disadvantage  Don't make the mistake that the Bird did and go head to head by fighting fair  Now, I'm sure that they had rules in this fight  But in the real world, grab that steel pipe at 1:32 and use it as a weapon  In a kill or get killed situation, no one is expected to fight fair.

Kimbo did one thing right by using his strength and luring his opponent in  He's probably packing explosives in those fists and he knew how to use them  Know your strengths and train to maximize them.

He did one stupid thing though that you should never ever do in street fights  He became overconfident and he put his guard down letting Big Bird hit him at 0:40  Don't give your opponent a chance to gain an advantage.

He got away because his opponent didn't take advantage of it  What did Bird do? He punched his thick jaw and his trunk-like chest  In a real street fight, hit him in the groin  Big Bird already knew he was going to lose after that  If it happens to you and you have a chance to flee, use it  In the first place, always take the chance to flee  If you can avoid a street fight, avoid it  Big Bird made the mistake of fighting when he could have avoided it, and he gained (only) a busted left eye out of it  You might not be as lucky.

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