Crime On Video: Proof That Shit Happens When You Least Expect It

What started off as a relatively calm Tuesday morning almost ended up in a nightmare, when a guy in apparent road rage approached a car whose driver apparently cut him off to challenge him to a fight  Sensing danger, he had his son shoot the crime on video.

You can see how the attacker is oblivious to what's happening around him  It seems that all he cares about is to inflict damage to the driver and probably to the son  Now, this kind of thing happens all the time  The driver can consider himself lucky that his attacker didn't have a weapon and let's face it  The attacker was pretty stupid.

The driver already asked his son at the 0:13 mark to call 911 but the son (calmly) said that he couldn't find the phone  That's a concern right there  What if other drivers didn't call 911 for him? The police was pretty fast as he arrived on the scene after over a minute  But a lot could have happened in that minute  The driver was lucky that his attacker is stupid enough to look away during a fight and the driver got a lucky punch in.

How about you? Are you feeling lucky?

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