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How to Street Fight the Smart Way

People should know how to street fight  It's that simple  No, you're not going to use it to go look for fights  You're going to use the knowledge to know how to defend yourself when someone decides to pick on you.

There are two ways to street fight “ the smart and dumb way  Let's take a look at this video  I'm sure Kimbo Slice doesn't need any introductions.

The first thing that you need to know is there are bigger guys than Kimbo out there on the street  Big Bird was only slightly smaller but the size difference will always be a disadvantage  Don't make the mistake that the Bird did and go head to head by fighting fair  Now, I'm sure that they had rules in this fight  But in the real world, grab that steel pipe at 1:32 and use it as a weapon  In a kill or get killed situation, no one is expected to fight fair.

Kimbo did one thing right by using his strength and luring his opponent in  He's probably packing explosives in those fists and he knew how to use them  Know your strengths and train to maximize them.

He did one stupid thing though that you should never ever do in street fights  He became overconfident and he put his guard down letting Big Bird hit him at 0:40  Don't give your opponent a chance to gain an advantage.

He got away because his opponent didn't take advantage of it  What did Bird do? He punched his thick jaw and his trunk-like chest  In a real street fight, hit him in the groin  Big Bird already knew he was going to lose after that  If it happens to you and you have a chance to flee, use it  In the first place, always take the chance to flee  If you can avoid a street fight, avoid it  Big Bird made the mistake of fighting when he could have avoided it, and he gained (only) a busted left eye out of it  You might not be as lucky.

Assault And Battery Cases For Hate Crimes Still Happening

In a perfect world, we'd like to believe that African-Americans, Mexicans, Asians, Caucasians and other races can get along well together  After all, the days of lynching are all over  We're past the era of harming other people just because they're of a different race  Are we, really?

White Guy Charged With Assault of Black Teenager

This has hate crime written all over it  This just shows that assault and battery cases for hate crimes still happen  Here's a 22 year old white guy, too young to witness the heydays of the KKK, picking out the only Black guy (a 16 year old teenager) out of 14 people to hit him with a coffee mug repeatedly  Donnivin Brown, the victim, said that he doesn't know Chase Lewis McClary and didn't have an idea why he assaulted him  But the witnesses may have an explanation.

While repeatedly hitting Brown, witnesses said that McClary kept on calling Brown with a racial epithet  I'm sure we all have a pretty good idea what that racial epithet was  The case is now being reviewed if it should be processed as a hate crime.

Now, Brown had two faults here  First, he's Black but he couldn't do anything about that  Second, he let his guard down  Once hit, he couldn't do anything about it as he was hit pretty solid  Be aware of your surroundings and be vigilant against threats so that you won't fall victim to hate crimes.

On that note, it's a wonder why McClary was able to do that much damage  What were the other 13 guys doing? If they knew basic hand to hand combat, they could have easily disabled McClary to prevent him from causing further damage  I guess they just have to list it as a what if  The question is, are you going to do something so that you won't fall victim to a hate crime?

Crime On Video: Proof That Shit Happens When You Least Expect It

What started off as a relatively calm Tuesday morning almost ended up in a nightmare, when a guy in apparent road rage approached a car whose driver apparently cut him off to challenge him to a fight  Sensing danger, he had his son shoot the crime on video.

You can see how the attacker is oblivious to what's happening around him  It seems that all he cares about is to inflict damage to the driver and probably to the son  Now, this kind of thing happens all the time  The driver can consider himself lucky that his attacker didn't have a weapon and let's face it  The attacker was pretty stupid.

The driver already asked his son at the 0:13 mark to call 911 but the son (calmly) said that he couldn't find the phone  That's a concern right there  What if other drivers didn't call 911 for him? The police was pretty fast as he arrived on the scene after over a minute  But a lot could have happened in that minute  The driver was lucky that his attacker is stupid enough to look away during a fight and the driver got a lucky punch in.

How about you? Are you feeling lucky?

Streetwise Self Defense

Self defence becomes more important every year. Yet the traditional Martial Arts demand a physical fitness and understanding of complex techniques which are beyond most of us.


It is quick and easy to learn because it is based on adopting one move to a variety of defensive situations.

The system assumes that the defence will be against a more powerful attacker.



This file has been written for those of us who do not want to take up the martial arts as a sport, but who would like to be able to defend ourselves in a potentially dangerous situation.

This course is intended to teach you to cope with practical situations, i.e. circumstances in which you may actually find yourself. You may not aspire to a black belt, but you will learn how to defend yourself effectively in a emergency. You don’t have to be particularly fit or well co-ordinated to use these techniques, which have also been designated for the not-so-strong. They are simple and easy to learn. They are also highly effective.


“Practice makes perfect” they say, and this is true. Practise what you would do in a serious situation, so that you are sure of your moves. Try to do this with a partner, to help you practise the timing of these moves. Try to choose moves which you find easier and which come more naturally to you. It is advisable to practise in your everyday clothes, as these are what you are most likely to be wearing in the event of an attack.

Practise punching, kicking and jabbing as described in the PART II firstly and very slowly. When you have mastered the moves slowly, build up your speed and power, but without a partner. Finally, practise your self defence techniques with a partner, so that you can put what you have learned into practice and get used to body contact.


There are some important rules on how to react if attacked. If you bear these in mind, you already have the advantage over your attacker.

If at all possible, avoid a confrontation. Try to engage your assailant in a conversation. This way you gain time to calm yourself down and work out an effective strategy to fight off your attacker. If you cannot avoid a fight :

1. Breathe slowly and deeply to calm your nerves.

2. ALWAYS look your attacker in the eyes.

3. Turn sideways to make it harder for your attacker to grab you.

4. Only use techniques you have really mastered. DON’T hesitate.

5. Be careful not to let yourself be cornered, and don’t allow yourself to be backed up into a doorway or against a wall.


Section 3(1) of the Criminal Law Act 1967 states :

” …. a person may use reasonable force in the prevention of crime ….”

Obviously ” prevention of crime ” covers a wide range, but this may include

1. Defence of yourself

2. Defence of another

3. Defence of property

What is considered reasonable depends on the circumstances and is, ultimately, a matter for a jury to decide. That is, if you have been slapped, it would be unreasonable to defend yourself with a knife. If you use more force than is reasonable in the circumstances, you could be prosecuted.


Surprise is an important factor in self defence. If used properly it throws your assailant off balance and may give you valuable time. There are many types of shock tactics but I shall restrict myself to a few simple ones which will distract or confuse your attacker.

1. Sudden, loud screaming

2. Spitting in the attacker’s face

3. Smiling while looking behind of the attacker


The eyes and groin are your MAIN TARGETS.

A hard kick or punch in the groin will quickly put men out of action, and can even render them unconscious. This is a very sensitive part of the body and very vulnerable to injury, no matter how big and strong a man can be. You can achieve similar results by jabbing your assailant in the eyes with your fingers, which is one of the best methods of self defence. Your attacker will be helpless if he cannot see.

nOf course, the human body can be attacked in other areas like nose, chin, knee, shin and bridge of the foot. These are your SECONDARY TARGETS.



Correct stance is essential as a basis for all defence movements. In order to achieve maximum mobility, balance your weight equally on both legs, keeping your knees slightly bent. Do not tense up; relax and be prepared to react quickly on all sides. Your shoulders should be diagonal to your assailant, so that you present the least surface area for your attacker to grab. Protect your chest and your chin by keeping your arms up at an angle. Clench your fists to minimise any damage to your fingers when defending or blocking. This is NOT a static position, quite the opposite, and you should be constantly moving, like a boxer in the ring. Do not keep your arms still, but remember to keep up your guard. This behaviour will confuse your attacker, leaving him no time to recognise the defensive action you may be taking. Try to stay out of reach of your attacker, but remember to maintain eye contact.



In this part of the course you will learn techniques in which you can use your hands, arms, elbows or fingers as weapons with which to disable your attacker. The difference between a punch and a slap is the way in which the arm or hand movement is carried out. When pushing or punching, the arm movement is always straight ahead, towards the attacker, whereas, when slapping, the arm movement is circular or semi-circular (a swing or a hook).

In self defence it’s very important to learn how to use your hands as weapons. A well-targeted punch, using the heel of your hand or elbow, is easily carried out and highly effective if your FULL body weight is behind it.

It is NOT necessary to harden the skin on your hands or elbows on order to make’em less sensitive to pain; they have been designated by nature to resist knocks and punches.

Making a fist in the correct way is very important to prevent any finger injuries when punching your assailant or using blocking techniques. When your fist is clenched correctly, the thumb should lie in front of your index and middle finger, and NOT be covered by them.


Bend the fingers up, hold your palm upright and bend it back as far back as you can. Take up the correct stance and push your hand forward with as much force as possible. The palm will connect with the target area. Remember to swivel your hips and follow through in the same direction. The best effects can be achieved if you hit your attacker just under the nose


1. Your opponent is about to aim a punch at your head. 2. Take evasive action by moving one step diagonally forward from the normal position. 3. Block the punch and, at the same time, jab the heel of your hand under your attacker’s nose.


This techniques is highly effective but may also cause severe eye injury. For this reason, the finger jab should only be used in life-threatening attacks. Bend your index and middle fingers slightly. Stand in the correct basic stance and move forwards to carry out the finger jab.


1. Your assailant is trying to strangle you with both hands. 2. Hunch your shoulders and pull your chin in to protect your neck. 3. Now jab your assailant in the eyes with your fingers, taking a step backwards at the same time.


The most important thing to remember here is to bend your arm very sharply. You can elbow forwards or backwards. Your assailant is then hit by the hard little bone of elbow. If you elbow forwards, your arm moves in a semi-circle, hitting the side of your attacker’s face or his chin. If you elbow backwards, stretch your arm out forwards, with the back of your clenched fist facing downwards, and then bring your arm backwards sharply and with as much force as you can muster. In both cases, your fists should stay clenched and you should follow through with your shoulders.


1. Your attacker grabs your arm. 2. You step forward, bringing your arm up in a semi-circle. 3. As you set your foot down, elbow your attacker in the face. This way you have the FULL force of your body weight behind you.


Using your legs gives you the advantage of greater reach, coupled with the fact that your legs are considerably stronger than your arms. If you react quickly enough, there is a good chance that you will be able to stop the attack in its initial stages. All the kicks are easy to learn. Good balance and speed are important. A quick, powerful kick to a sensitive part of the body is one of the best methods of self defence. Aim your kicks below the belt and always kick with as much speed and force as possible.


Start with your kicking foot behind you. Then raise your knee until your thigh is almost horizontal and kick sharply upwards with the lower half of your leg. Then bring your leg back quickly to the starting position, with your kicking foot behind you. This kick is carried out in one movement, with the bridge of your foot hitting your attacker’s groin. Imagine you are kicking a foot ball with all your might.


1. The attacker grabs you with both arms. 2. You set your kicking foot behind you and spread your arms out. 3. Now lift your leg and shoot your lower leg forwards Move 2 : SIDE KICK

When you use the side kick, you hit either your attacker’s knee or shin with the outside edge of your foot, or the sole of your foot. Lift your front foot up to knee height and then, using your hip, kick sideways with as much force as you can, keeping your leg extended. By pivoting on your balancing foot, you will be able to use full force of your hips and follow the movement through. If carried out correctly, the heel fo your extended foot will point towards your assailant. Bring your leg back to the starting position immediately. To add power to your technique, lean a plank of wood against a wall and practise the hip movement, by kicking the plank until you can break it. Remember to keep your shoes on when practising this techniques (if you are VERY stupid you can try that with your shoes OFF !!!!!)


1. Your attacker grabs your arm. 2. Lift your front knee up. 3. Keeping your leg extended sideways, kick your attacker in the knee. 4. Then wrench your arm free.


The heel stamp is used solely to distract your opponent, before you follow it up with another defence technique or action. From your basic position, bring your knee up as high as possible and then stamp down sharply with the heel of your foot. Your heel should hit the bridge of your assailant’s foot. Remember to keep your toes pointing upwards, so that your heel is in the correct position. If you are carrying out a heel stamp to the rear, keep your toes pointing downwards, to make sure you connect with your target. You should hit, rather than his thumb, the weakest point, i.e. the little finger.


1. Your assailant grabs your arm. 2. Lift your foot and stamp on your assailant’s foot with all your might. 3. Then wrench your arm free.


This is a technique used in close combat and therefore ideally suited to self defence. Speed and power are essential for this move to be effective. The top of your knee should connect with your assailant’s groin.


1. Your assailant grabs you in a body hold with both arms. 2. Grab your assailant by the hips, push yourself away from him, at the same time stepping back with one leg. 3. Pull your opponent down and bring your knee up sharply into his groin, with as much force as you can.


As you would expect, it is defence and not attack, which is the cornerstone of self defence. The object is to divert or deflect any blows or punches your assailant may be aiming to you, and to protect your own body from severe injury. It is only possible to attack your opponent if you first deflect his attack on you. First, we should distinguish between the upward block, which deflects attacks to the head and shoulders, and the downward block, which prevents attacks on the chest and abdomen. When defending yourself, never carry out only a blocking movement, without following it up with a counter move. Only by doing both, will you be able to prevent any renewed attack, and also protect yourself.



Move your rear leg diagonally forward from the basic stance, bringing your arm up in front of your face. The power of any attack on you can be further diluited by stepping to the side or rear with other leg.


1. You are in the basic defence stance. 2. Your attacker tries to throw a punch to your head. You move diagonally forwards, deflecting the power of the blow. 3. The underside of your forearm immediately blocks your attacker’s striking arm.


Here, again, you should move diagonally forward from the basic position and bring your arm down to protect the lower part of the body.


1. Your assailant attemps to punch you in the abdomen. 2. From the basic stance, move diagonally forward, slamming your arm down sharply on your opponent’s wrist. 3. Now deflect your assailant’s striking arm to the side, weakening the potential force of the blow.


Wrenching free from a body hold is not always easy. This is why it is crucial to react as quickly as possible if an assailant tries to grab and hold you, so that the attack can be stopped in its initial stages. However, if your attacker has already managed to get you in a body hold, the next few pages should help you to deal with this. By using the following techniques, with as much power as you can, you will probably be able to break free.


This can be extremely painful if properly carried out. The pain can be maximised by pulling and twisting the finger joints. Pull the fingers away from the joints: in this case it is up and back across the back of the hand. Pull the little finger if possible, because this is the weakest joint.


Cup your hands over your assailant’s ears, and then slam your hands very sharply into the side of the head, so that the compressed air in your hands creates pressure in the ears of your adversary. This creates a balance distrubance and temporarily disables your attacker.


Use your forehead, or the back of your head, to butt your opponent. This move has the advantage of the element of surprise and will not injure you, providing you hit your attacker’s nose. You will be considerably more sure to hit nose if you can grip your attacker’s head.



You are leaning against a fence. A man tries to force his attentions on you, placing an arm around your shoulders. Elbow him sharply in the ribs and follow up with a powerful punch to the nose.


You are walking along the street. Suddenly someone grabs you and tries to force his attentions on you. Raise your knee and, using the front kick technique, kick your assailant in the groin.


A man is following you. He grabs you by the shoulder and tries to pull you towards him. Spin round as fast as you can and jab his nose with the heel of your hand.


You are sitting on a bench. A man sits down next to you and puts his hand on your knee. Stay seated, swivel round and jab him in the nose with the heel of your hand.


You are standing in the street. Suddenly someone grabs your bag from behind. Bend your arm inwards to hold on tight to your bag and follow up with a side kick to the knee.


An assailant approaches from behind and then pulls your hair from the side. Grab your opponent’s arm and turn inwards to face him. Then jab your attacker on the nose with the heel of your hand.


Your assailant pulls your hair from the front. Grab him by the hips, pull him down and slam your knee into his groin.


Your assailant grabs you by the forearm. Step towards your assailant. Jab him in the nose with the heel of your hand and wrench your arm away.


Your attacker opens your car door and tries to pull you out of the car. Lean back across the passenger seat and slam your foot heel into opponent’s face or groin. If you do NOT have time to carry out the above move, you may still be able to defend yourself with a finger jab to the eyes.


You are about to open your car door. At that moment you are grabbed from the rear. You raise your knee and stamp hard on your opponent’s foot. Then grab your assailant’s little finger and pull it right back. Your assailant will loosen his grip and you will be able to break free. Then jab his nose with the heel of your hand.


Your attacker grabs you from behind with both arms. Raise your knee and stamp hard on your assailant’s foot. Now pull your arm forward and snap it back sharply into your assailant’s ribs. Turn to face your attacker and jab him in the nose with the heel of your hand.


Your opponent has got you in a double Nelson. You react with the utmost speed and raise your knee. Stamp with all your weight, keeping your heel well down. Then move your arms up and pull your attacker’s little finger wrenching it to the side. Once you have broken free, slam your elbow back into your attacker.


You are walking along a path. Suddenly you are grabbed from the front by someone walking towards you. Hit your attacker on both ears using a compression blow and break free, jabbing your assailant’s nose with the heel of your hand.


Your opponent grabs you with both arms. Raise your knee and stamp hard on your attacker’s foot so that he will loosen his grip. Then knee your assailant in the groin.


Your attacker has your head in a firm hold. Hit your attacker in the groin with the heel of your hand. At the same time, use your other hand to pull your attacker’s hair and pull hime backwards away from you. Then jab your attacker on the chin with the heel of your hand.


Your assailant approaches from behind and begins to strangle you. Tense your neck muscles and stretch your arms out in front and then elbow your assailant in the ribs, as hard as you can. At the same time, use the other hand to free yourself from the strangle hold. Then turn around and jab your attacker with the heel of your hand.


You are just about to get into your car. You are attacked and your assailant tries to strangle you with both hands. From the basic position, jab your assailant in the nose with the heel of your hand, following through with your hips to help you hit with more strenght. If this does NOT work, use a finger jab to help you break free.


You are sitting down when you are grabbed from behind. Tense your neck muscles immediately and pull your attacker’s hair forwards. If your attacker’s grip becomes too tight, use a finger jab.


The attacker tries to strangle you through the car window. Tense your neck muscles and finger jab your attacker in the eyes.


Your attacker tries to strangle you after having thrown you to the ground. Jab him in the eyes with your fingers then pull your assailant’s hair with one hand and take hold of his chin with the other. Pull your attacker’s head downwards, twisting it at the same time, using your other hand (neck twist). Pull your leg up and roll over sideways, freeing yourself from your attacker.


Your assailant has brought you down and is approaching you again. He is about to kick you. Raise your knee and then kick your opponent on the shin, using the side kick technique.

NOTE: If attacked when lying down, make sure your legs and feet are facing your assailant, as this gives him the least possible opportunity to grab you  FIST PUNCH FROM BEHIND You are leaning over the boot of the car. Your assailant grabs hold of your right shoulder and tries to throw a right-hand punch to your head. Turn round to face your attacker and block the punch with your left arm, then jab your assailant’s nose with the heel of your hand.


You are about to open the door of a telephone box. Without warning someone tries to punch you. You block the punch and jab your assailant’s nose with the heel of your hand.


Your attacker approaches you while you are sitting down and tries to punch you. Turn sideways away from your attacker then jab your attacker in the groin with the heel of your hand. Your fingers should be pointing towards the ground.


Your attacker grabs hold of your lapel with his left hand and tries to punch you with his right. You take evasive action to the right, blocking the punch at the same time. Slam your left knee into your attacker’s groin and then jab your attacker’s ear with the heel of your hand.


How to defend yourself if you are threatened with a weapon is one of the most difficult chapters in this course. If you have not FULLY mastered the techniques, your situation is a hazardous one. The best advice is to try to avoid this type of confrontation in the first place. If this is not possible, be as determinated as you can and do NOT show any hesitation.


Try to lull your attacker into a sense of security. Show that you are frightened and distract your assailant by trying to engage him in a conversation. Any offensive action you may take has to start with a diversion. One old, but surprisingly effective, ruse is to look over your assailant’s shoulder, for example, and act as if you have seen something important or surprising. Do NOT make a move until your assailant has fallen in the trick. The element of surprise is very important, so you must act with the utmost speed.


Your assailant is holding a gun to your chest. After you have distracted your attacker, take evasive action sideways, grab the assailant’s gun hand and push it away from you. Then, if the gun should go off, the bullet will not hit you. Keep hold of the attacker’s hand until he has let go of the gun. After taking evasive action – always keep the assailant’s gun hand blocked – jab your attacker in the eyes with your fingers. Hold the assailant’s gun hand with one hand and grab hold of the gun from the outside with the other. Now wrench the gun free and pull it away backwards. You must always disarm your opponent in order to prevent a further attack.


If you are threatened with a stick, make sure you dodge out of your attacker’s way, then come in as close as possible, leaving him no room to raise the stick or put any power into a blow.


Your opponent is facing you, armed with a stick: he tries to hit you. From the basic stance, take one step sideways and reach up to block the blow, thus deflecting its force. After this evasive action, jab your assailant in the eyes with your fingers. Now grab the stick and pull it downwards out of your assailant’s hand.


This is a very dangerous situation. Again, try to distract or disable your attacker, by throwing keys or spitting in his face for example.


Stand in the basic position. Your opponent tries to stab you. You block his arm and take a step diagonally forward at the same time, then lean forward and jab your opponent in the eyes with your fingers. Keep hold of your assailant’s arm until you have removed the weapon.


This chapter shows how everyday articles can become weapons. Umbrellas, keys, books, newspapers and other objects, which you may be carrying, can be used in self defence. Any sprays, such as deodorant, hairsprays or perfume can also be extremely useful, as you can spray this into your attacker’s eyes.


Your assailant grabs hold of your collar with both hands. With a key in your hand stab your assailant in the side of the face. Follow this up by jabbing your assailant’s nose with the heel of your hand to free yourself completely.


Your attacker grabs your arm from behind. Turn and face your attacker and jab him under the nose with the rolled-up newspaper.


Your attacker grabs you fron the front and prepares to punch you. You step forward and block the punch with your forearm and jab the book under your assailant’s nose.


Your attacker approaches from the side and grabs your shoulder. You turn away sideways and jab the book under your assailant’s nose with both hands.


You are strolling along the street. Your attacker grabs you from behind and tries to force his attentions upon you. You immediately swivel your hips away and slam your umbrella into your assailant’s groin.


You are walking along the park. Your assailant pesters you and tries to stop you. Without hesitating, you take your handbag from the shoulder and hit your attacker in the face with it, distracting him for a moment. The you can use a front kick to kick your assailant in the groin.


This file on Survival contains the elements of street fighting and fighting with weapons.

Targets Of Serious Injury

  • Into corner of eye. (Will blind, and hemorrhage)
  • Into pupil of eye. (Will blind, hemorrhage or kill via optic nerve)*
  • Throat. (Hemorrhage, extreme pain)
  • Into esophagus. (Hemorrhage, extreme pain)*
  • Into heart muscle. (Fatal stoppage)*
  • Into stomach or sides. (Can hit vital organs, hemorrhage)
  • Groin. (Hemorrhage, and very “uncomfortable”)
  • Into mastoidal opening behind ear to brain. (Fatal)*
  • Anywhere along the spinal chord between the vertebrae. (Causes paralysis,hemorrhage, possible death)
  • Base of skull upwards into lower brain. (Same as above)*
  • Kidneys. (Hemorrhage, extreme pain)

The items marked with a ‘*’ are extremely dangerous to hit. The shock of the blow or the actual blow can be fatal.

Medical Implications Of Blows & Kicks

Have you ever wanted to know just what these blows and kicks were doing to the victim??? (You should print this part out, because it refers to the list all the way through)

A. Considerable pain
B. Possible bleeding
C. Disorientation
D. Serious injury unlikely
E. Greater possibility of serious injury
F. Possible brain damage, shock force
G. Breaking of nasal bone; nose bleeding
H. Impractical
I. Numbing of arm
J. Unconsciousness
K. Convulsions possible
L. Damage of carotid artery
M. Possible diaslocation of 7th cervical vertebra
N. Startle, stun, hemorrhaging
O. Brain damage
P. Little serious injury
Q. Knockout
R. Gasping/choking; possible death
S. Muscle spasms
T. Broken rib; could rupture kidney
U. Internal injury to organs
V. Fracture, tear cartilage or broken bone
W. Dislocate knee; tear ligaments
X. Dislocation
Y. Fracture
Z. Fracture, metatarsal bones
A1. Permanent injury
A2. Blindness
A3. Possible fatality

Type Of Fight Two equally sized people Large person vs. small person Small person vs. large person
FORCEFUL side of hand slash or hammer fist to bridge of nose A E H
FORCEFUL open hand slash or hammer fist to side of neck I F H
FORCEFUL hammer fist or open hand blow to base of neck A A H
FORCEFUL temple blows by heel of palm, hammer fist, or elbow blow F
FORCEFUL blow to side of nose, fist slash, elbow smash A A N
FORCEFUL blow, up under nose, heel of palm, elbow smash, slash A A N
FORCEFUL claw, poke, thumbing to eyes A1 A1 A1
A2 A2 A2
FORCEFUL blow, up under chin, fist, heel of palm, elbow smash Q Q C
FORCEFUL blow to ear, fist or cupped hands C C H
FORCEFUL blow to Adam’s Apple, straight hand hit E E C
FORCEFUL blow to hollow of throat, straight hand hit E E C
FORCEFUL blow to side of neck, slash, hammer fist J J C
A3 A3
FORCEFUL blow to collarbone, slash, hammer fist D P H
FORCEFUL blow to base of neck,open side of hand, hammer fist A3 A3 A
FORCEFUL blow between shoulder blades, hammer fist D E H
FORCEFUL blow to kidney area, straight-in punch or kick tecnique T T D
A3 A3
FORCEFUL blow to Solar Plexus, straight-in punch, heel of palm, kicks T T D
A3 A3
FORCEFUL blow to last rib, fist, elbow smash A A H
FORCEFUL blow to inside of elbow joint, open hand hit A A D
FORCEFUL blow to outside of elbow, Atemi, Waza Y Y Y
FORCEFUL blow to forearm area, tip of mound A A A
FORCEFUL blow, lower abdomen & groin, kicking techniques A A A
FORCEFUL blow to knee, kicking techniques A A A
FORCEFUL blow to shin, kicking techniques A A A
FORCEFUL blow to instep, heel stamp A A A
FORCEFUL blow to ankle, kicking technique A A A

The 10 Commandments Of Street Fighting

1. Never underestimate your attacker. Assume that he is dangerous.
2. Don’t get fancy. Use simple but effective tactics.
3. Always be sure to maintain your balance.
4. Be quick and keep the reactions flowing. Keep striking, never let up until you know your aggressor is down for good.
5. Nothing is unfair. THERE ARE NO RULES!
6. While counter-attacking, NEVER lose sight of your opponent.
7. Deliver ALL blows to weaker areas.
8. Keep yelling and cursing as you counter.
9. Use any available object or weapon to detract your assailant’s techniques.
10. Fight as if YOUR life depends upon the success of YOUR counter-attacks. It just might!

Nerve Centers

If you happen to have some medical books, or charts, here are some nerve centers of the human anatomy.

  • Occipital bone
  • First cervical vertebra (Atlas)
  • Second cervical vertebra (Axis)
  • Frontal bone
  • Frontal sinus
  • Nasal bone
  • Nasal cartilage
  • Epiglottis
  • Hyoid bone
  • Thyroid gland
  • Windpipe (Trachea)
Musculo/Skeletal System
  • Sterno-mastoid muscle
  • Trapezius muscle
  • Clavicle collarbone
  • Sternum (Breastbone)
  • Humerus bone
  • Elbow joint
  • Ulna bone
  • Radius bone
  • Pelvic region
  • Carpal bones
  • Metacarpal bones
  • Femur bone
  • Knee joint
  • Patella
  • Gastrocnemius muscle
  • Tibia bone
  • Fibula bone
  • Tarsal bones
  • Metatarsal bones
Torso & Vital Organs
  • Windpipe
  • Carotid artery
  • Jugular vein
  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • Intestines
  • Spleen

Fighting skills

Effective Target Selection

Hello! Welcome to the world of reality where some sicko will just as soon take your balls off and hang them on the wall than suck down a 7 year old boy…In this world we live in today, one must know how to defend himself, as one who is defenseless will soon get attacked (Sun Tzu, Ancient Art of War (c) 17th century). This first article on ‘Effective Target Selection’ will teach you an opponents vital spots to give you a greater chance of winning a conflict. To demonstrate take the following example:

Fighter #1) Throws a long right to #2’s jaw.
Fighter #2) Side Steps, hooks arm, Knife hand (karate chop) #1’s throat,and breaks the elbow by falling to the ground.

Who won? #2, obviously because he knew that his opponents throat was open. In this example #1 was on the ground puking blood with only one arm working right…#2 combined his knowledge of his opponents body with a little basic training and ended a fight in less than say, 4 seconds. It really does happen folks…

Great eh? mwahahha… The most important thing in a fight (and the most neglected) is the block. Without a block (block-defender throws something to redirect attackers energy, OR moves out of the way and lets the energy connect with nothing, mid-air), you get hit, right? If you are occupying the space that will soon be occupied by an attackers foot, I would think you would 1) stop occupying the space or 2) make sure the opponents foot wont occupy the space, or 3) both (doubly sure!). You get the idea.

After a block, The attacker is ALWAYS open. There is nothing an attacker can throw that won’t leave him open somewhere. You quickly assimilate what areas are open, and then attack with an appropiate blow. In this process the new defender may block and counter-attack you! so be careful. This can be a long cycle with two smart fighters continuously blocking and counter-attacking each other! (You have seen this thousand of times in ninja and kung-fu movies…Untrained fighters simply cannot block and counter-attack…that’s a fact, jack)

The Body is divided into three areas:

1) upper position – top of head to the diaphragm
2) middle position – Diaphragm to the groin
3) lower position – groin to lower extremities

I Upper position

A. Skull – any blow to the skull may cause cerebral concussion, unconsiousness, fracture, laceration (very often lethal)

  • Parietal Bone – Top of head protecting the brain
  • Frontal Bone – Forehead protecting brain and large blood vessels
  • Temporal Bone – Side of head (temple) midway between the corner of the eye and ear. Temporal Artery is located here.
  • Nasal Bone – Bone located in the nose
  • Maxilla – Upper jaw
  • Mandible – Lower jaw
  • Zygoma – Cheek Bones (breakable)
  • Lacrimal – Bones surrounding the eye.

B. Eye – necessary for vision, hemorrhages easily

C. Nose – extremely sensitive to trauma, fractures and moves directly into forebrain on upward trauma (causing death and/or loss of memory…haha)

D. Ear (trauma directly to ear can cause rupture to eardrum resulting in Severe Pain.

E. Neck

  • Anterior – front of neck, contains adam’s apple, fractures relatively easy, causing loss of ability to inhale…
  • Lateral – side of neck, contains muscles protecting large blood vessels, arteries and veins and large veins – trauma resulting in spasm of vessels decreasing oxygen resulting in unconsiousness causing hemorrhage and death (I say death is better with a hemorrhage anyway)
  • Posterior – back of neck, trauma causing severe pain, unconsciousness

F. Clavicle – collar bone, is easily fractured, and interestingly enough removes victims ability to move his arm away from his body!

G. Sternum – breast bone, extremely painful when injured.

H. Ribs – elastic arches of bones, easily broken, may puncture lungs or heart

I. Axilla – Arm Pits, contain large blood vessels, trauma causes extreme pain and/or paralysis of the arms

J. Heart – in general area of left breast nipple, non-penetrating force can cause hemorrahage and often rupture

K. Arm

  • Shoulder – trauma causing dislocation, severe pain or fracture
  • Elbow – trauma causing severe pain, fracture, dislocation, internal bleeding
  • Wrist and Hand – trauma causing severe pain, fracture, dislocation, rupture of blood vessels

II. Middle Position

Diaphragm to groin, Diaphragm being the floor of the chest cavity
A) Stomach – hemorrahage and extreme pain

B) Solar Plexus – great network of nerves location of dorsal aspect of stomach (the front part). Gives off nervous control to all abdominal organs. Trauma causes slow death.

C) Liver – located under right portion of Diaphragm, trauma causes severe pain and possible hemorrhage and death.

D) Kidneys – located on back of the abdomen, severe pain, severe hemorrhage causes death. Excellent target when side stepping to opponent’s side.

E) Small Intestine – it can be contracted around the belly button, causes severe pain and possible rupture

F) Large Intestine – in lower abdomen, can rupture, causes severe pain

G) Lumbar Area – Arch of lower back, trauma results in severe pain, possible fracture, permanent paralysis to the legs and pee-pee (dick)

III. Lower Position

groin to lower extremities (legs)

A) Bladder – below belly button and above groin, trauma causes possible rupture (all urine spills out into the opponents body)

B) Inguinal Rings – to either side of the groin, trauma causes severe pain and possible herniation (he can’t stand straight for about a decade)

C) Pubic Symphysis – pubic bone in groin area; directly in the middle, trauma causing fracture (nothing else, he won’t die contrary to popular opinion)

D) Testicles & Scrotum (If they have any) – pouch containing the testes – extremely sensitive – trauma causing severe pain, hemorrhage

E) Sacrum – bony extension located on both sides of buttocks, trauma causing severe pain and fracture

F) Coccyx – tailbone, trauma causing severe pain and possible fracture

G) Leg

  • Hip Joint – prominent on top and side of leg, trauma causing pain and possible fracture
  • Inner Thigh – upper and inner part of leg, trauma causing rupture of the large femoral blood vessels
  • Knee
    • Front – trauma causing severe pain, dislocation and possible fracture
    • Back – trauma causing tearing of ligaments and popliteal blood vessels
  • Anterior Tibial – shin bone, trauma causing severe pain (in most cases, some people can’t feel that) and possible fracture (everyone feels that)
  • Anterior – instep, trauma causing fracture and severe pain
  • Posterior – back of heel, trauma causing pain and fractrure or tearing of the achilles tendon (making it difficult to walk)

Well friends, there it is. You can easily make a body chart on the wall or just mark up your sister or what-have-you. I present this for self defense use only, however, if you get into the case where someone needs his block knocked off, go for it…


Hello! Welcome back to the world of reality! This article in the series deals with … Confrontations …

What is a Confrontation?

A confrontation is the first thing before a fight, or it may start a fight. When you meet somebody, that is not a confrontation.

Usually you won’t want to fight him (you wouldn’t walk down the street and start with everyone you see would you?) so if you dont know him, you walk past and don’t even look at him. If you know them, you might look and nod. If you want to fight you may snarl and swear and huff and puff until your chinny chin chin hairs stick up. That is a confrontation. Confrontations happen most often in school, and almost as often in bars. When two people are drunk, they may start a fight without intending to… That’s why you commonly see two best friends biffin’ it out, or more often two strangers who’ve never seen each other.

A confrontation in a bar occurs most often because the other guy (we’ll refer to him as asshole, they almost always are) gets close and says something that you can’t back down out of without losing face. He might say “Hey this guy has a slimey dick” which you wittingly reply “Hey! He just stuck his hand down my pants! Ack!” as loud as possible. Asshole doesn’t have time to back down out of this so he throws a punch at you. so on…

If you want to avoid a confrontation in a bar, just get a lounge and watch asshole #1 fight asshole #2 (which incidently, the best way to learn how to fight is to watch others and think about their mistakes), or if you have to sit at the bar, mind your own business, and if someone comes up to you and says something about your mom’s gray pubic hair, you should say “I know…” and leave, and don’t come back (who wants someone who says his mom’s pussy really is gray?)

The most important part of a confrontation is identifying when one is going on. You should be suspicious if you tell the asshole next to you that you pumped his girlfriend and he smiles while his hand is on an empty beer bottle…He’s probably waiting for you to turn around which then he will follow up by smashing bottle #1 into your face…

Another thing to be suspicious of is if you see the same strange people crowding you all night and they’re all looking at you with beady eyes…

Well, you can figure it out…

So what I’m trying to explain to you is that a confrontation usually ends up in a fight, and also a confrontation is very hard to back down out of. Identifying a possible confrontation is the best way to get out of a fight (or better yet to get in to one).

The Coward’s Guide to Self-Defense

First of all, if you think that this is another one of those macho self-defense karate martial art articles which will teach you how to kick butt like Bruce Lee in only 10 minutes (or however long it takes you to read this), then you have another thing coming.

Let me explain right off the bat that I have no intention of teaching you how to defend yourself in the event that you are actually in the situation of being:

  • mugged
  • attacked
  • viciously insulted
  • whistled at
  • all of the above
  • none of the above
  • other

What I WILL do, however, is try to teach you how to avoid situations where something potentially dangerous and most likely extraordinarily embarrassing will occur. (Note that I am not responsible for anything else embarrassing that will probably occur if you take any of my advice. In fact, the only good piece of advice you’ll get from me is this – don’t read this article. If you’re one of those people who skip parenthetical musings such as this, then you will undoubtedly try something quite foolish one of these days, and I’ll be there to laugh at you. Sucker.)

I’m sure you’re wondering just what kind of self-defense I could be teaching, considering my extreme lack of knowledge of anything useful in the field of martial arts. I was thinking this myself one day while I was walking down the street, and then it hit me. In the face. A fist. Attached to a very large arm, which was attached to a very large man named “Death.” (At least that’s what he had tattooed across his neck.) It seems that I had inadvertently walked too close to his girlfriend, and now I would have to compensate him for this transgression by leaving a few of my teeth for his collection. This brings us to the first rule of self-defense:

Never walk down a street if someone is already there. Properly followed, this rule of thumb could eliminate having to follow any of the other rules. The problem with walking down a street with people on it is that there is always the chance that one of them might want to hurt you, and if you are still reading this, then you are obviously the type of person who is very hurtable.

Now, obviously it isn’t possible to avoid ALL people, unless you follow the Rule of the Last Resort:

Never, ever, no matter what happens, ever leave your room. This is the ultimate in self-defense for cowards. The chance of offending someone enough to want to damage you is very slim if you become a recluse for the rest of your life. This is not a mere assumption! According to the most recent police statistics, there was a lower rate of violent crimes against hermits than any other type of person in the social strata.

For most of us, unfortunately, that option isn’t extremely viable. This brings us back to my regrettable encounter with Mr. “Death” and his large fist. This next rule is very important, and should be taken extremely seriously. If you follow this rule closely, you will emerge from most minor altercations relatively unscathed:

Learn to beg. Most would-be assailants, seeing you on the ground on your hands and knees, pleading for your miserably life, groveling and licking the ground in shame, will either start laughing hysterically (thus giving you the opportunity to abscond from the premises), or they will be so ashamed for you that they’ll just spit on your pathetic head and leave you in the dirt. Whatever works. (Note: This method was quite effective in dealing with my fisty friend, and I was able to escape with most of my teeth intact!)

Let’s say that you’re too proud to beg, and you find yourself in a situation where your life and limb are pretty much assured of being at stake. You can either swallow your pride and follow the above rule and live (or you can swallow your teeth when they get knocked out), or you can apply the next rule to your predicament:

Learn to run. Fast. You might want to invest 70 or 80 dollars in a good pair of running shoes for this one. They can’t hit what they can’t catch, right? So make like a banana and get the hell out of there. An added benefit of this rule is the wonderful exercise you receive.

Suppose you are in your home, and someone has broken in. You have an inner conflict. On the one hand, you feel the need to protect your property, and stand and fight the enemy. On the other hand, your closet looks pretty comfortable right about now. My personal motto in situations such as this is (to paraphrase the old classic):

Those who whimper and run away,
Live to whimper another day.

Hey, you can always get grandma to give you another priceless heirloom, but you only have one nose, and it would hurt something fierce to have it broken in any way, shape or form.

Another possible circumstance you might encounter is a car accident. While reading the paper or clipping your toenails or whatever, you accidentally demolish some guy’s new Porsche. Of course, he will be understandably unamused, and will most likely attempt some form of physical violence upon your person. To avoid this, you should wait until he is out of his vehicle and coming towards you. If he is visibly angered, and particularly if he is holding some sort of blunt object in his hands and making threatening gestures with it, this would be an ideal time to put the pedal to the metal and, as they say, get the hell out of there. You should have no problem with this if you have followed the next rule:

Buy a really, really fast car. By now you may have realized that there is some small expenditure of funds required if you are to successfully follow all of these rules, but if you are in doubt, just think – which is worth more, my money or my peace of mind? And if you think that your peace of mind isn’t worth that much, think about how it would look if a piece of your mind ended up on the floor because some agitated individual took a bat to you.

The one great thing about my self-defense guide is it’s adaptability. These rules are not set in stone. They are conformable to any location on Earth. For example, in the above illustration of the car accident, the adjoining rule is to “buy a really, really fast car.” If you are reading this in, say, Saudi Arabia, you can modify that to “buy a really, really fast camel.”

Another thing that is great about them is that they put you in a mindset which, I think, will really help you to be prepared for everyday life. If you start thinking that every single person you see has been paid to assassinate you, it puts life in a whole new perspective. A simple walk to 7-11 is much more exciting than it used to be. If you are permanently on guard, then you won’t be surprised when someone inevitably attempts to assail you, and preparedness is half the battle. The other half is getting the crap beaten out of you.

I would like to leave you with this parting thought, and it’s the most important one:

Whatever happens, I am in no way ethically, morally, or legally responsible for any harm whatsoever that you may come by, nor am I liable to you or, more likely, your heirs.

Thanks, and goodbye.

Defend Yourself

To Defend Yourself, you should have total control over your mind and body. Martial arts are hard to follow and sometimes you have to see what is being done rather than reading it. Now self defense is nothing to play with. Please don’t mess around with this. You could seriously hurt someone. Break their arms, legs, necks. You could even kill someone, so don’t mess around.

BLOCKS – Blocks are supposed to deflect your opponent’s attack. Blocks are always half face twisting your hips. So if you miss a block and you are half faced the opponent will most likely miss you. When you block make sure you hit the opponents wrist, or ankle if he is kicking at you. There are many types of blocks such as rising blocks, which block punches to the head. Middle forearm blocks, block punches to the stomach. Downward blocks, block a gadon (punch to the private) punch or kick.

KICKS – When you kick, point your knee at your opponent and kick with the ball of your foot and stretch it out. Practice by kicking something soft using only the ball of your foot. Make sure when you kick you snap your leg back so the opponent doesn’t grab it. For a sidestep kick you get into a kibadachi stance (a type of stance where your feet point inward and your knees point outward and you put pressure on your knees). Cross one foot over the other. Take one leg and bring it up to your other leg while still staying low. Point your knee and kick. When you come back down get into your stance.


Sparring: This is a form of practice fighting where you aren’t really fighting. One of your opponents steps forward doing a downward block. He is either going to attack with a punch to the face or stomach or a kick. The reciever is supposed to step back or do a side block. He also has the option of striking. When you block, you instantly strike afterwards. It’s important always to go back into stance and twist your hips when you strike. If you are in a real fight, keep on going and don’t always use a fixed position. In a real fight, if you manage to get your opponent on the ground, KEEP HIM THERE. make sure he/she can’t get up. Sometimes in sparring you can follow with combos or strike before your opponent strikes. Most important, wait for the punch to come and THEN strike. Remember this is self defense.

Slips: For a slip when your opponent attacks, take your arm and catch the punch. Then you twist his arm and kick. Take the same leg you used to kick and put it behind his leg. Then bring him down. Make sure when you slip you strike with a punch downward to his face or stomach. Another is, when he strikes at you block with the palm of your hand and sweep using your foot to your opponents foot. When you do this don’t try to sweep by the leg, use the foot.

In self defense remember that by not attacking you are defending yourself. So only use this in self defense. Don’t start shit because you think you’re tough. You could kill or damage someone really bad. We hope that you have learned some interesting ways to Defend Yourself in a tacky situation. Be Safe, be happy 🙂

Fightin’ Dirty

The Neon Knights have been known to make peoples lives miserable just for calling there houses when they were sleeping and letting the fone ring till we’ve answered it. Well just how we get even is going to be showed in this file. I’m not talking about doing a half assed CN/A or setting the modem for auto-dial, I’m talking kicking ass and laying up people in the hospital.

When fighting face to face with someone, I could never understand why one asshole says either,” Meet me after school in the parking lot!”, or,” Put up your dukes!”

This is notorious with dumb jocks. They actually think that your gonna have a set time for fighting?! Man, most of us are headbangers, we don’t go for that shit! When you fight with a joke and he says that just get out A) Your trusty knife or B) Your big old aluminum bat you stole from the school gym (Right Kurt!). B-E-A-T theeee living shit outta the bastard! Fuck that after school bullshit!! If you wanna win the fight, then fight dirty!!

My friend once got in a fight with this big motherfuckin 250 pound Linebacker, he did this and sent the bastard to the hospital. I tell ya, those jocks mess don’t with him anymore (ofcourse, he got caught for stealing at a Stop ‘n’ Rob and is in Juvy for 8 months).

Next type of fighting is when bastard ass college dumbfucks flip you off on a street corner. This always seems to happen to me, being that I live 5 miles from the U of M campus.

When this does occur, you may handle it two ways. The first way is that you promptly slam the brakes on and get outta the car and tell his ass to come on over so you can kick his ass. If this is a big jock type college dude don’t worry they ALL have there weak spot. Right in the Nuts!!

Some people may tell you this is panzy assed to do, but there also usually the ones that have a busted nose that whistles when they eat cereal. If its a little geek type fuckin Jew, then they will probly keep sucking on there slurpee and ignore you. This is where the second way comes in. Pull around the block and follow him at a close distance from behind in your car. I guarantee he will either walk up to the closest house in site and sit on the porch pretending its his house. Well all you have to do to flush the little weasel-faced big nose off the porch is to blow the horn until someone comes to the door. The he’ll either get off the porch, or you can scream at him something like,” Come on Abe(Good Jewish name) mommy says that she isn’t mad at you anymore, you can come home now!” This’ll usually either get him walking or the person who lives at the house talking the bastard to get the fuck home. When he does get off the porch he’ll probly think your some kinda psychopath because you been trying like hell to get him, now you can do what you like to him, either kick his ass or take all his money.

This next one is a personal favorite of mine, I call it “The paperboy needs his ass kicked for kicking my favorite dog”.

Early in the morning when he goes to deliver his papers find a place where you can ambush him. Then when he comes flying by on his bike, take a stick or metal pipe and stick it in his front wheel, it’ll catch in and when it hits the forks he’ll go head over heels onto the ground in a blaze of newspaper all over.

The fun isn’t over yet, now grab his newspaper bag and tie it around his head so he can’t see before he figures out what is happening. Now beat the shit outta him. Don’t say ANYTHING. This will make him pretty scared when he doesn’t know who is or why he is getting beat up. He might even quit and now you can have a summer job!

Some pointers on fighting dirty:

  • When the assholes starts cutting you down, hit. Don’t talk back.
  • Don’t make threats you can’t keep.(I.E.: Your dead, man!)
  • Always carry your 6 inch blade around.(I prefer scuba knives because there stainless steel, and have a metal knob on the handle end so you can knock the dude out).
  • If you start losing the fight, go for the nuts. Like I said it sounds gay, but who gets the last laugh when Biff turns out sterile?
  • When you fight niggers, try to stay away from there Fro’s cause it’ll make your hands greasy and you won’t be able wrestle them down. Come to think about it, even there skin is greasy and they smell like piss! Better take my first hand experience and use a bat on the bastard. Its less of a hassle.
  • If you get a chance, break the motherfuckers neck( Its sweet as hell when the dude goes into convulsions, pretty impressive with the bitches too!)

Thats the way the Neon Knights do it!! Also, We’ve been called DemiGod’s, and we are. Thanks for all the support!

Hope this file was interesting and informative! Go out and kick some ass!!!

22 Ways to Kill a Man With Your Bare Hands

“Free my hands and I’ll varnish this floor with your brains!”

(from “The Scarlet Citadel” by Robert E. Howard.)

Sometimes when you are threatened with physical violence, a weapon to defend yourself with is not always available. Your hands, however, are always with you, and can be as lethal as any weapon. Below area list of attacks that police are instructed not employ, as they may prove deadly.

1. Temple – A very susceptibile vital spot. If struck with sufficient force, may cause unconsciousness or death.

2. Nasion – This is the summit of the nose. If struck with sufficient force may cause death.

3. Philtrum – This is the area between the upper lip and the bottom of the nose. Attack to this area may also cause unconsciousness or death.

4. Hook to jaw – A powerful hook punch to the front side of jaw may snap an enemy’s neck. Fatal.

5. Adam’s apple – A sharp blow here may cause enemy to asphyxiate.

6. Solar plexus – The small of back. May cause death.

7. Testicles – The strong, focused pain of a vicious low blow may cause shock, resulting in death.

8. Base of cerebellum – A powerful blow to the nape of the neck, causing mortal damage.

9. Coccyx – A powerful blow to the tail bone. Fatal.

10. Full nelson – Stand behind the enemy, put your arms under his, and lock your hands behind his head. Bending the neck forward may either break neck, asphyxiate enemy, or cut of supply of spinal fluid to brain, causing brain damage or death.

11. Half nelson – Again, standing behind enemy, but one arm is used to pin one of enemy’s arms.

12. Brain buster – Bend enemy over towards you, placing him in a headlock. Grab the back of his belt, and haul him into the air, vertical, upside-down. Allow yourself to fall backward, landing on your enemy’s head, which will absorb your combined weight. Most effective on concrete or gravel.

13. Russian omelet – Cross enemy’s legs. Fold enemy by pinning his shoulders to ground upside-down and placing his legs above him. Sit on his legs, folding the bass of the spine. Fatal.

14. Heart punch – A strongman’s attack, it is simply a powerful blow to the heart. (Many years ago, the wrestler Ox killed an opposing wrestler with this attack.)

15. Uppercut – An upward strike to the bottom of the jaw with the heel of the hand, causing the enemy’s head to snap backward. May shatter vertabrae. Fatal.

16. Abdomen – A substantial blow to this area may rupture a vital organ, causing death.

17. Rib cage – A vicious shattering of the rib cage may cause grave internal bleeding.

18. Head-to-wall punch – A swift, hard, cold-cock punch to an enemy’s face while he is standing near a wall may drive his head into it, causing the back of the skull to shatter fatally.

19. Pinned drop kick – Standing behind enemy, holding his arms straight back. A drop kick to the back without releasing arms may severe spine, causing death.

20. Head wrench – Grabbing an enemy’s head by the mouth and the back of the skull, then twisting with a sudden, violent jerk to rend vertabrae, may easily cause death.

21. Choke hold – Once a favorite of law enforcement officials, has often proved deadly. The right arm goes over the enemy’s right shoulder, and grips the back of the head. The left arm comes over his left shoulder, reaches across neck, and grabs own right forearm. With enough pressure applied, causes brain damage or death.

22. Head yank – Bend enemy forward, grab head, and pull back with convincing force. May seperate delicate vertebrae, causing death.