Self Defence Law “ Is Change Necessary?

Our self defence law is weird  A lot of people are even complaining that the law is making it illegal to protect one's own home! There have been cases of people being sent to jail just because they injured or killed an intruder  What do they expect us to do? Get killed?

Another problem is there are a lot of gray areas as far as the law is concerned  It leaves a lot of room for interpretation and this is where problems start  Fortunately, some politicians are recognizing the need for clearer laws like Republican Tim Fox.

This is the change that we need  Clearer laws can help us know what we can and cannot do  For example, did you know that it's legal to kill an intruder with a gun but it's illegal to beat him up in some areas? Elsewhere, it's illegal to injure or kill a fleeing thief.

Generally speaking, you would have to defend yourself in a court of law if you injure or kill someone  That's where you'd have to defend your actions as self defence  There's also the issue of using lethal versus non-lethal force and you should also prove that you were really in danger.

But still, that shouldn't stop you from learning the art of self defence  Worse comes to worst, you'll spend years trying to defend your actions  But at least you and your family are alive  The best thing to do is to flee if you get the chance and with proper training, you'll learn how to create opportunities to flee.

While we're still waiting for the change from confusing to clearer laws, it's best to check local laws  Write to your representatives in the process and ask for clearer laws so you can defend yourself and your family.

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